Would you accept money from a casino to fund your charity? If, for example, Platinum Play offered to step in and offer support for your cause, how would you react?

For many who are blanketly opposed to gambling, the answer would be an emphatic no. They view gambling as a sin and the proceeds from it as dirty money. Yet these are the same people who will run raffles and bingos without realizing that these very activities are acts of gambling!

It is important to approach the issue of gambling and casinos very objectively. Casinos have been here for a long time, will continue existing for much longer and not everyone who plays in them is an addict.

Casino involvement in charity events should, thus, be viewed as a way of giving back to society just like any other corporate does its social responsibility. There really is no downside in, say, having kids with autism enjoy a charity sports racing concert sponsored by a casino.

Just a name

Also, the phrase ‘casino charity events’ does not mean it has to be an extreme betting event. By just organising a casino event and getting people to turn out, you can make money without them betting astronomical amounts. The most important thing is to have people show up.

Even if you do not play them, you have to accept that casino games are absolutely thrilling. Once guests show up at a casino charity party, they will be attracted by the excitemet and simplicity of the games on offer and will actually have fun giving!

In all ways, charity from casinos when looking to organize events is a brilliant idea. It helps you to collect money from the house and guest players in a fun and relaxed environment. You also do it in a legal maner since casinos are licensed to gamble.