Canada is not the first country that comes to your mind when sport-loving countries are mentioned, right? But did you know that some of the most popular sports around the world were invented in Canada?

Yes, really! Here’s a list of some world-renowned sports that have their roots in this North American country:

1. Basketball

Oh, yes, it is that serious. The game that has audiences going crazy in the US and pretty much everywhere on the globe was invented in Canada. The first person to introduce basketball was Dr. James Naismith in the year 1891.

Then, Dr. Naismith worked as a professor in physical education at the YMCA (modern-day Springfield College) and was looking for a way to keep his gym class students active when it was rainy and unsuitable for outdoor activities.

He came up with several ideas before finally settling for one where he fixed a peach basket on a pole. Initially, the game was played with a soccer ball and the basket remained covered at the bottom. The game has since undergone various adjustments as it spread across the world, such as the creation of a basketball and the ring-and-net in place of the peach basket.

Basketball’s popularity in the US has grown to crazy levels; you would be forgiven for thinking the game was born there.

2. Ice Hockey

Now this one sounds more homely. The game’s best-known history lies in Montreal, where the first recorded game was played in 1875. The contact game usually played in winter was developed by creating structures around stick-and-ball games coming from the UK. It is today Canada’s national winter sport.

3. Lacrosse

Crude versions of the game were existent as early as 1100 CE, but the most notable milestone of the modern game is the codification done by Willam George Beers in 1860. The sport is still most popular in Canada and is the country’s national summer sport.