Motor racing and run races are hugely popular in Canada, but the country just happens to love sports in general. Do not be surprise to find a professional cricketer whose favorite pastime is watching rugby, a runner who loves basketball or a bike racer who unwinds by playing football.

6. Soccer

Soccer takes the bottom spot here, unlike in places like Europe, but expect it to jump several spots over the next seven years as the country prepares to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. Canada won a joint bid alongside USA and Mexico before the 2018 edition kicked off in Russia.

The sport is already played professionally by teams like Montreal Impact and as a pastime by many Canadians. Most visitors coming in 2026 call soccer ‘football’ so better get used to the mix-up early enough.

5. Cricket

Cricket Canada, the body mandated to run the sport, has been around since 1892. The country has also been to three cricket World Cup and does participate in One Day Internationals (ODIs). That should tell you that though it does not always splash the news headlines, cricket is a popular discipline in Canada.

4. Baseball

Baseball is roundly played in the country both as a pro and amateur sport. Teams participate in the Can-Am league and the Toronto Blue Jays is the most popular team in the country.

3. Football

Canadian Football, closely related to American Football, denies rugby a spot in this list, and a good chunk of fans too!

2. Lacrosse

The world might not understand why Canada loves lacrosse; Canada just won’t understand what is wrong with the world. Just why isn’t everyone playing the country’s national summer sport?

1. Ice Hockey

No surprises at top spot. The top winter sport is also the country’s favorite sport for the majority of players and spectators. Less is more; no story need be told of ice hockey in Canada.