Canada has its Olympic hopes pinned on swimmer, Penny Oleksiak. While Penny hasn’t quite reached her full potential, her gold medal performance at the latest Canadian Swimming Trials which took place recently, is a positive step forward. Oleksiak was not impressed with her performance stating that the result and time did not reflect how much training she has been putting into her performance. While she did make the team, she isn’t happy with herself or her form.

Oleksiak Noticed

The 2016 Summer Games in Rio, saw the burst of 18 year old, Toronto born, Penny Oleksiak, into the swimming scene. She became the face of swimming in Canada. That year she became the youngest Canadian to take gold in an Olympic Championship. Her achievements included gold for the 100m freestyle event, and silver in the butterfly 100m race, and she topped her collection off with two bronze medals for relay races.

Following her sudden rise to fame, the young star took some time out and failed to return in a way that she wanted to, when the Commonwealth Games took place in Australia during April. Her individual performance was not spectacular, however, as part of the relay team, she helped her country to three silver medals.

Motivated To Succeed And Improve

While Oleksiak’s win on Thursday gains her immediate participation in the Pan Pacific Championships taking place in Tokyo, the time recorded was not her best, and fell considerably short of her Canadian record. Penny has been undergoing a rigorous training schedule in Florida, and hopes that her efforts will bear fruit at the Pan Pacific event. She feels that the work she has been putting in isn’t showing just yet. The young star is motivated more than ever to show improvements. Fellow Canadian, Yuri Kisil, is happy with the time of his record in the men’s freestyle event, and is ecstatic to be part of the team.