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Bike racing and road running are hugely popular sporting disciplines in Canada, for both leisure and as professional sports. There are numerous events where you can watch or take part. We give you a guide to some of the most exciting and challenging competitions, including those that can earn you a chance to represent Canada in international competitions.

Want to learn more about the difference in equipment for bike races? Or perhaps you are not even aware that such races are divided into road, track and mountain categories? Well, by just coming here, you will know! Get more detailed information about how bikes are customized for each type of race, and what the purpose of each custom adjustment is for – wheel size, treading, handlebar orientation, and so on.

Running is also divided into age, gender, and physical ability categories. Here, you will find details about this classification, how Canada’s representative teams have performed in each one, and what the calendar looks like for future events.

An exciting prospect in both racing and running disciplines is the competitive spirit that young athletes have shown. Lately, the country has seen long-standing records in many categories broken by competitors as young as fourteen years old. We take a look at this new trend as we explore the factors that may have led to its occurrence, and analyze what it means for the future of Canadian sport.

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