A bike is not just a bike. You should know that if you have been involved in any kind of bike race. Or if you take a few minutes to learn the basic differences and alterations made to specific racing bikes.

Just as there are different race categories – think road, track, mountain- there are specific bike customizations for each type of competition. The gear used also varies from one type of race to another.

Road racing

Road race bikes are almost identical to the conventional bike we all ride for fun. They have handlebars with levers for braking and shifting of gears. The levers are fixed such that the rider can have and maintain an aerodynamic pose while carrying out all the riding maneuvers.

The bikes use wind-resistant spoked wheels on both tires. Time trial road race bikes are slightly different, with aerobars in place of handlebars and a solid disk on the rear wheel.

Track racing

Track bikes have disk wheels in place of the spoke wheels. They do not have brakes and only use one gear. Riders slow down by moving their pedals backward, which is made possible by the absence of a rear flywheel.

Mountain Racing

Bikes for mountain racing are built to withstand the rough terrain in the dirt roads. They have wider and deeper treaded tires for traction. Some are fitted with suspension systems to take in the shock that may result from unexpected bumps. Their handlebars are straight across from left to right.

  • Racing Gear

Racing gear is usually light as the intense heat generated by cycling needs to be shaken off easily. The most important protective gear is the helmet as crash injuries are usually not dangerous on other parts of the body. There are special shoes for trial races that help keep the rider’s foot sturdy on the pedal at all times.