The world final field lacrosse championships will once again be contested between Canada and the United States of America. This comes after Canada pulled off a convincing win against Iroquois Nationals in the semi-finals on Thursday. The end score of 15-4 sealed the deal. The second semi-final between Australia and the USA saw the United States edge their way into the final match with a resounding 14-5 win over their opponents. The last time Canada and USA faced off in a final in this competition was in 2014 and Canada came out on top with a 8-5 victory. Gloves are off and a hard-contested final is scheduled to take place.

Canadian Form

Mark Cockerton waxed lyrical about the performance of Canada against worthy contenders Iroquois Nationals. While their opponents couldn’t be faulted defensively, Canada got their foot in the door early on and went ahead within the first quarter. Hat tricks were the order of the day with both Curtis Dickson and Ben McIntosh of Canada getting a piece of the action. Jeremy Noble and Mark Matthews weren’t left out without two scores each. 13 Of the 16 goal attempts against the man in the net for a majority of the match, Dillon Ward was saved which was instrumental to the win. Brennan Donville replaced Ward in the fourth quarter and proved his worth with one save off two attempts.

Worthy Opponents

While the Iroquois Nationals were defensively sound, they were no match for the fury of the Canadian team. Warren Hill, a goalkeeper on the day, did prevent 11 of the 24 shots on goal from reaching their target. However, it just wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught. Replacement goaltender Tyler Armstrong wasn’t as lucky, allowing both attempts against him into the back of the net. Lyle Thompson scored twice for the Iroquois Nationals while both Brendan Bomberry and Randy Staats took one score each.