If there’s one word that elicits a mixture of feelings in all adult Canadians, it has to be the word ‘casino.’ The word rings so many bells both for those who participate in the pleasurable hobby and those who have no contact whatsoever with gaming.

For some, it sparks a thrill of having a great time in entertainment joints. For others, it spells the possibility of getting rich overnight by playing slots or any other of the variety of games available at casinos. Yet for others, it evokes the uncomfortable and unsettling feeling of an addiction that they feel is crushing the Canadian society.

As such, it is imperative that the discussion revolving around the pros and cons of building casinos in the country is had. And boy is it going to be a long debate!

Pro-casino crusaders hinge their argument on the prospect of creating more jobs and bringing in more revenue that can be used to develop public amenities. They say it doesn’t matter whether the outlets are public or privately owned so long as there is proper regulation. They also say that building casinos has no real impact on gambling addiction since gaming is quickly taking root online.

Sobriety and middle ground

The argument for revenue generation and job creation is hard to counter given that is the end game for all segments of governance and society.

Those against casino construction in Canada use gambling addiction to back their argument. They say it also brings with it a raft of societal degradation issues like environmental intrusion and increase in crime. A pretty strong argument too.

This is a debate that can go on for hours on end at a time, but it needs a tonne of sobriety no matter what side you are arguing from. At the end of the day, however, regulation seems like the only middle ground that proponents and opponents of casino building in Canada can settle on.