The question about the best full-body exercise is one that bothers a lot of people. Fitness instructors will always root for the exercise of their preference, which does not necessarily have to be the ultimate fitness solution.

Well, the truth is that each exercise has its specific strong points. Fitness training takes two forms:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Strength training

Bike racing combines these two factors and adds two more – fun and thrill- to make it one of the most complete exercises one can engage in. From pedaling uphill to holding that posture and maneuvering the bike around tricky bends, you can be sure that a bike session will work every muscle you have on you- and every air sac.

Competitive environment

The beauty of racing is that unlike in a gym session, there is no motivation to slacken. Once you are out of the gates, you just don’t want to stop. It just doesn’t make any sense how anyone can beat you at an art you have been mastering since you were a kid.

Moreover, bike racing does not just stop at sharpening your physical and cardio fitness. It goes ahead to exercise your brain. You have to be alert at all points during your ride and know when to brake, when to pedal faster and how to maintain balance at sharp corners. This alertness ultimately proves helpful in everyday activity.

The popularity of bike racing in Canada is one of the factors that makes the country such a great place to live. There are biking meets at every single time of the year that the weather allows. It is a good thing that bikes are easily affordable, but there are also many places you can hire one for a fun ride.

Whether you are a visitor or a resident of canada, a bike race is one of the activities you need to put on your to-do list.