After running, bike racing is arguably the next most popular individual fun port in Canada. There are cycling races just about everywhere in the country for just about everyone. Whether you are in Quebec or Ontario, you won’t struggle to find a race you can participate in.

The races vary in category to ensure they incorporate fair competition between the genders, age groups, and fitness levels. There are some easy races that will require you to do nothing more than hitting the pedals. Other races will, however, tap into your deepest energy and resolve wells.

Here are several race categories you can find in different parts of Canada:

  • Grand Prix races

Grand Prix -french for ‘great price’ – is used to refer to races that offer lucrative prize money. There are several Grand Prix races in Canada, including the de Gatineau, de Montreal, de Quebec, de Saguenay, des Ameriques and the Gastown Grand Prix. These races are divided into men and women categories.

  • BC Races

These are mountain bike races held in off-road tracks. They are stage races, meaning competitors accumulate points at the end of each section. The most popular of these races is the seven-day BC Bike race which is held at the start of the month of July every year. This race goes through areas where the track is so narrow only one bike can pass through at a time (singletrack).

  • National Championships

These are races mainly organized by the cycling association with an aim of coming up with national cycling teams. The National Race Championship and the Time Trial Championship are the two main meets in this category. They aim to incorporate riders from other non-association vents.

  • Spot races

Also known as the Delta Road Races, these are one-day events separated into men and women categories. They attract competitors from within and beyond Canada and are regarded the toughest road races in the country.