If there’s one thing that Cycling Canada has to be hailed for, it has to be meticulous planning. The cycling federation has time and time again showed its ability to handle the huge interest in riding across the country by coming up with timely plans to guide interested participants.

And they have done it again, despite operating in times of cyclig funding difficulties. Barely halfway into 2018, the calendar of events for 2019 is out and available to all stakeholders. The fixture list stipulates the dates, locations and sponsorship plans for national championships cutting across the track, mountain, road, para-cycling, cyclo-cross and BMX disciplines. This gives aspiring riders adequate time to prepare and strategize for events where they will seek to be awarded the national racing emblem.

The events will kick off as soon as the winter ends, with junior track events flagging off competitions in April 2019. The inaugural event of the year will be hosted in Ontario’s Mattamy National Cycling Center, Milton.

In early June, attention will then turn to road competitions which will kick off with Masters’ competitions in British Columbia. These will be organized in partnership with the local Russ Hays Racing Cycling Society. Road races will go on for the month with relay championships going to Quebec at the close of the month (date 27-30).

The much rougher and tougher mountain and BMX races will then come in July, mid-summer proper. Toronto will host the first edition of these competitions in the first week of July (6th).

The year’s competition will wrap up with another round of track competitions that will again return to Mattamy as the fall sets in. At the same time, cyclo-cross championships will ne happening in Peterborough. The exact dates for these final events were not released during the initial announcement, but that puts no blot on Cycling Canada’s good work.