The government of Canada is not one you would call a meddler; it allows most activities in the country to run themselves through autonomous discipline bodies. This is especially so for sports and gaming, where each federation forms its own laws, oversees the running of sporting activities and autonomously affiliates with regional and global bodies.

There are, of course, national teams that are funded and run by the government, but these too run along the basic structures laid out by the federations.

Athletics Canada

The federation takes charge of all running races in the country, and partners with the country to run national teams like the Olympic team. Athletics is a pretty popular sport in Canada with competitors representing the country at all major meets across the world.

Athletics Canada is affiliated to global body IAAF.

Bike Racing

Biking is another sport hugely popular in the country. There are federations for motor racing and cycling that stand independently. Each federation organizes the national competition calendar and facilitates cooperation with global bodies.


The nation’s official summer sport is run by the Canadian Lacrosse Association. Being the home of the sport, the federation is involved in the formulation of lacrosse policies that are used even in other parts of the world.

The recent ‘Honour Our Game’ campaign was designed to spread positive values beyond the lacrosse pitch and has quickly gained popularity.

Ice Hockey

Considered the country’s most popular sport, Ice Hockey is played all year round by people of all ages and genders. It is run by Hockey Canada which handles organisation of competitions and maintenance of facilities.